Colombia Day 8 – Barcelona and Calarca

We arrived at a Finca in Santa Elena late last night and woke up to a parrot, some peacocks, and beautiful scenery. Our morning was a bit lazy and mostly consisted of editing photos, shooting video, and lounging around the Finca, but we soon gained momentum once we left. On the way into town, we came across a few plantain farmers that looked pretty interesting so we immediately stopped, started talking to them, and started shooting. The ambient light was nice and soft so we didn’t bother with lights or scrims at all.

After giving the hardworkers a few beers and saying goodbye, we stopped at the main plaza in Barcelona and decided to just set up lights and let the people come to us. Naturally, people were curious, especially the kids, and we had a crowd in no time. We played around with a plain black backdrop, as well as having the church in the background, and mostly stuck to silly string lighting.

Finally, we arrived to Calarca, a city filled with busy streets and people everywhere. I took a few snapshots of people in the plaza, but once the sun started to set I decided to get some HDR-like of the street scenery (as well as some long exposure night shots back at Contacto). Mikey had a new tripod that I got to tryout called the 3 Legged Thingwhich I’ve kind of fallen in love with. It’s compact and made of carbon fibre so it’s lightweight but built strong, and can even be transformed into a monopod. It can also get really low to the ground, which is pretty neat…

-Rob Rice

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