Colombia Day 9 – Pereida and Santa Rosa

We decided to hit the streets again today until we found something interesting, and that didn’t take long at all. Anytime you drive down a major road, chances are that you’ll see some military men dressed in full camouflage holding big ol’ guns, and that’s just what we found. They happened to be throwing out thumbs up and peace signs today to let everyone know that they are here to help and have a positive effect in Colombia, so we decided to pull over to see if we could take some photos of them. It didn’t take more than 5 minutes of chit-chatting before they had agreed to model and we had busted out the lights to shoot with.

After rapping up with the military men, we came cross a couple of kids doing Parkour at a park in Pedeida. Again, we jumped out of the car, got to talking, and got to shooting. I found Parkour a bit difficult to shoot because of how fast they’re moving, but I still got a few cool shots.

Finally, we ended up in Santa Rosa where there were a lot of street performers in the central park. Our two favorites were the flame-spitting jokers that put on quit a show. At first, I tried lighting them up, but then I realized that the flames they produced where lighting them up fairly well on their own, so I just went with natural lighting (which worked out well since a storm was brewing…)

-Rob Rice