Colombia Day 7 – Armenia and the Contacto Escuela de Fotografia

We had a couple of models lined up for today, so we took our photo gear to the roof and set up shop there while many of the Contacto students got to watch. I mostly assisted Mikey today and got to see him work with professional models, which was great to witness firsthand. When there was downtime, I got to shoot a couple subjects and play around with different lighting techniques. There was a big storm brewing in the background and it make for an pretty dramatic setting.

Here are a couple photos I took today, and the middle one is a photo of one of our models posing with Daniel and Keith – two fantastic guys from Contacto Photography School that we’re spending a few days with. And the last photos of me (with my favorite model Laura) were taken by Mikey.

And here is a Tutorial Video for Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta that Mikey and yours truly put together explaining a couple of the new features and how to make your photos look more extreme and detailed.

-Rob Rice