Colombia Day 6 – Chinchina and Palestina

Today was a pretty relaxed day. We left the chilly city of Manizales and had our site set on Armenia, one of the main coffee region cities of Colombia. We decided to hit the streets of a few nearby cities that had a lot of character, mostly with natural light, a scrim, and reflector.

We met a lot of friendly locals, saw a few exotic animals, and even got invited inside a couple homes. It was interesting to see their living quarters; mainly how small, run-down, and open it is. One thing I’ve noticed about the smaller pueblos and big cities is that everyone has windows or doors (or walls) open because the weather is so beautiful here year round.

We arrived in Armenia just in time to catch a rooftop sunset, which was pretty spectacular. The friendly people at Contacto Photography School are putting us up for a few days while we’re in town, and in return Mikey is talking to a few classes, doing a couple presentations, and inviting the students on some photography outings.

-Rob Rice

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