Colombia Day 10 – Salento

Today felt like the perfect end to a great photography trip. We ended up meeting Daniel, Keith, and a bunch of students from the Contacto School of Photography in the city of Salento, and they brought along Laura (one of our favorite models) as well as Angie (who did a fantastic job as well).

Although it was raining pretty heavily for the first half of the day, we found ways to avoid it, whether shooting inside a local café/restaurant or staying on the sidewalks with awnings. Mikey got a lot of great photos of the models, and I got a few great shots of Laura as well, but if there were other interesting people on the streets I was sure to take photos of them.

I did my best to force myself to communicate with people, whether it be sitting and conversing with the Contacto students at lunch or speaking Spanish/teaching English with our model Laura. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished (in terms of communicating) these past 10 days.

-Rob Rice