Colombia Day 2 – The City of Jardin

Our first stop on the way back into Jardin was a cemetery where we walked around to shoot the interesting architecture and backgrounds. Afterwards, we hit the streets with lights, scrims, and softboxes and started to get in the groove of things.

Mikey wanted to teach and experiment with a flagging technique for portraits that produces results similar to cinematic lighting, so we stopped by a local bar where many campesinos (farmers) like to drink and relax. After testing the lighting on Mikey and Marcello, we got a friendly campesino named Hernan Dario to model for us, and I feel like the portrait came out stunning.

We walked around aimlessly searching for interesting subjects and settings with no problems finding them. Most said yes and a couple said no, but for the most part everyone has been very friendly and interested in what we’re doing.

-Rob Rice