Colombia Day 1 – Medellin to Jardin

Today marks the first day of the Road Trip, and to start it off right Mikey and I took a morning hike up the steep, steep hills of Medellin’s streets to get a little exercise as well as a better view of the massive city. Needless to say, I was breathless (in more ways than one).

After heading back and packing up the Trooper, the Road Trip had officially begun. The streets of Medellin were pretty hectic, being that it was a Friday afternoon. It’s pretty neat to see that the majority of the cars were either motorcycles or very small, fuel efficient cars (and the occasional chiva).

On the way to Jardin, we drove to an old Antioquia railroad in Amaga that overlooked a waterfall, snapped a few shots of Cerro Tusa, and ended up stopping in a small pueblo just north of Andes. We walked around, talked to locals (well, not me, my Spanish is awful…), and shot with only natural light in hopes that we wouldn’t scare everybody off. We succeeded, but mostly with only children.

The sun began to set, so we hopped back in the Trooper and made our way into the city of Jardin. It was dark by the time we arrived so we decided to get some dinner at a European Café and head to the hostel for the night, which was a beautiful finca that overlooked the city of Jardin.

-Rob Rice