Week 05 – ManBoy

I have been described multiple times (mostly by one dear friend in particular) as a ManBoy – A male adult with boy-ish features (such as being skinny, having no chest hair/patchy facial hair, and acting/being playful/goofy like a child in general).

As fate would have it, I was asked to babysit my 7 year old nephew Zander one evening, which is when this manifestation of the ManBoy photo occurred – I envisioned my semi-manly (goofy) head on his boyish body wearing my clothes.

Here’s the lighting setup for the studio (basement) shot –

This is a lighting technique that I love and continue to use (abuse) – One medium sized softbox in front of the subject and a bit overhead, and two softboxes beside and behind the subject providing a nice, soft rim.

And here are the two photos that were combined to create the final image –

Editing consisted of cutting my head out and compositing onto his body, as well as cleaning the background up (bed, electrical outlet, blanket/door, etc…) The hardest part of this shoot may have been keeping his pants held up. Apparently 7 year olds don’t do too well with size 30 skinny jeans…

Until next week,

-Rob Rice