It starts…

Welcome, welcome.

I’ve been working hard creating and updating my website portfolio this past summer, and I’m pretty proud of what I have accomplished. At times, it can feel like I may not be progressing or getting anywhere with music, photography, etc., but being able to see all my best work in one place is pretty inspiring and motivating.

I thought I’d take it a step further and create this blog: a place where I can post my piano and chamber compositions, photos that didn’t quite make the cut for my website portfolio, song ideas I’m currently working on, time-lapse films, live performance videos, random thoughts and inspiring quotes/stories, and anything else that I feel is appropriate.

This blog may interest and inspire you to pursue your passions, or it may simply entertain you and keep you up to date on my work. For me, it’s a place to continue inspiring and motivating creativity.


-Rob Rice