Which Is Correct Agreeance Or Agreement

I do not think the word “consent” is a generally accepted word. That`s not to say it isn`t used in some circles or regions, but I don`t remember ever hearing or reading it, and it seems strange to me. I would never use it myself. When you say “people from my region,” are you talking about a particular geographic area, profession or discipline? I am curious about this group that uses the word. The act of consent; = Agreement in many of their meanings. To anticipate another objection, yes, I celebrate the flexibility, adaptability and inventiveness of the English language, but it`s one thing to invent a new useful word to meet a need. However, I shudder when English-language words invent because they don`t know or have forgotten a perfectly good standard word. There is nothing wrong with an agreement. This is not archaism – although there is probably an agreement. The use of the agreement in most cases is only linguistic antinomianism. It is irritating.

“The results of my experiment are consistent with Michelson`s and the law of general relativity.” “Agreement between experimental observations and theory” The agreement is the act of agreement. It is an archaism that is rarely used properly today. The purpose of the article is not to say, “Do not use the abstract name Accordance.” English is blessed with an abundance of riches, but if what you meant was a deal and you used consent because it looked like what you wanted but didn`t know anything about the deal, then this is something english users need to know. When people talk about agreeing with someone or something, they can say the word “consent” to describe it. However, it should be noted that “consent” does not correspond to word processing. How is it that a word so often heard and used is not accepted by these grammatical tools? Well, in simple terms, that`s because terms like “consent” aren`t really real words. I push the interpretation that the agreement is in agreement, as truth to the truth: it feels like we agree, so let us pretend to do so. I admit, I`m a bit anal-retinat in terms of grammar. I often check words or punctuations that I doubt. I NEVER questioned the word “consent” or had any reason to question it until my iPhone insisted it wasn`t a word.

As persistent as it may seem, my first thought was “What?? You are left behind… Then I googled it. We were almost done with “consent” and then a fucking redneck had to confuse “agreement” with “acceptance” and we are where we started. *facepalm* If you agree with me, I will make these changes. (obsolete) A State in which two parties share a point of view or opinion; Agreement. As a security measure, I will continue to use the term “agreement.” Interesting – I`ve never heard the word consent, but I too would wonder if it still means the same thing as consent (not that most users know or care about possible differences). agreement (n.) 1530s, of the Middle French agréance, name of the action to approve (see agreement). .