Us Will Formally Withdraw From The Paris Agreement On Constraining Global Heating

While it was celebrated by some members of the Republican Party,[7] international reactions to the removal from the entire political spectrum were overwhelmingly negative, and the decision received strong criticism from religious organizations, businesses, political leaders of all parties, environmentalists and scientists, and citizens of the United States and internationally. [8] [9] [10] What is different this time is that there is a much stronger base movement for action on climate change than in 2009. There is also a coalition of city, state and economic leaders in the United States who, under the Trump administration, have continued to work to limit climate change despite the imminent U.S. exit from the Paris Agreement. The United States joins only two countries – Nicaragua and Syria – in opposing a climate agreement reached by all other nations in 2015. The Paris climate agreement is simply the latest example of how Washington is making a deal that penalizes the United States for the sole benefit of other countries and allows American workers – whom I love – and taxpayers to absorb the costs in the form of lost jobs, lower wages, closed factories and sharply reduced economic output. In addition to the strict energy restrictions imposed by the Paris Agreement, it includes another program of redistribution of U.S. wealth through the Green Climate Fund — a nice name — that asks industrialized countries to send $100 billion to developing countries, in addition to existing and massive U.S. foreign aid. So we`re going to pay billions, billions and billions of dollars, and we`re already one step ahead of everyone else. Many other countries have not spent anything and many of them will never pay a penny. .

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