Staffing Service Level Agreement

First, an SLA ensures that everyone is working on the same goals. This ensures that everyone is made to succeed. There is less friction in the system and you spend less time negotiating and debating and resolving problems. Second, it makes planning easier. You have a number of goals on which you can build a plan. Your target service level, average response speed or shutdown rate are set and everyone is aware of the goals. Finally, it helps to establish a better working relationship between work management and operations. The process of creating a service level agreement supports conversation and coordination between the two groups in order to achieve common goals. >> Have you ever tried to achieve your service level by manipulating supply and demand? There may be some overlap, but in general, either the goals are contradictory or WFM has a single point of focus (effective service level), and the company needs to compensate for this with customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, fluctuations, and other metrics. There are also variations of these metrics. You can use a “refined” ASA, SL, or Abort rate. What does that mean? Well, that means you`re filtering out some calls that you don`t want to include. The metric is not pure and tells a slightly different story.

An example is removing your SL metric and removing all calls that didn`t wait for the full threshold. If you use an 80/20 SL, your SL 80/20 is refined, without any calls canceled in less than 20 seconds. The logic here is that you put staff to answer the call in 20 seconds. If the customer doesn`t give you the full 20 seconds to try to answer it, do you want that to count against you? Remember that the stricter the service level goal, the more expensive it is for employees. You want to make sure that every little money you spend on work is an intentional goal. Most call centers don`t use a refined level of service, but it can help manage costs. The same refinement can be used for the dropout rate. When a call goes through in less than 5 or 10 seconds, did it really give you the opportunity to answer the call? It is sometimes difficult for the World Cup team to put itself in the place of the company`s management.

But it is absolutely critical. If you continue with only a World Cup hat, your plan probably won`t be picked up. It must be balanced and the needs of the operations are essential here. Another mistake is the creation of sl targets that are too aggressive. It seems better to create an 80/20 SL instead of 70/30, but it is also much more expensive. It sounds good to say that you want to reach SL at all intervals or every day, but it will be even more expensive. Do you know exactly the advantage of these extremely high SLs? Otherwise, you risk wasting money. A very common mistake is not coming up with a new service level metric at all, because you think leadership won`t be open for that.

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