Implementing Service Level Agreements

The agent/technician who makes the first contact with the end user takes possession of the ticket until its solution. A ticket that is not resolved after its settlement time must degenerate. Therefore, you need to clearly define each escalation level with a predefined solution time and assign responsibility to the right person. The interesting contrast within the government group is that of comparing challenges with priorities. While the formation of the organization is the biggest challenge, it is not a top priority. The definition and prioritization of services, the articulation of the SLA language, the integration of SLA measurement tools and the introduction of the costing service were higher priorities. This is interesting and suggests that government groups are trying to approach service management from different angles – to take on the very difficult tasks of deployment while expressing the need for government employees and leaders. This defines the exact way in which the services are provided within the agreed deadlines. It also describes the workflow and assigns roles and responsibilities to IT support and all other relevant departments/vendors. The service elements include the particularities of the services provided (and what is excluded if there is reason to doubt), the conditions of availability of the service, standards such as the window of opportunity for each level of service (for example, prime time and non-prime time may have different levels of service), the responsibilities of each party, escalation procedures and cost/service trade-offs.