Hahn Air Agreement Airlines

It offers early investments in disruptive technologies and scalable business models. Hahn Air`s refund policies are available at www.hahnair.com. The refund of unused documents or part thereof is made under the following conditions: the refund of a fully unused or partially used ticket is made only at the passenger`s request. Please follow Hahn Air`s instructions on www.hahnair.com in the version as amended from time to time. The agent must also comply with rules and procedures published by local billing systems, for example.B. BSP, ARC, TCH. Hahn Air is a B2B (Business to Business) company. We offer distribution services exclusively to travel agencies and airlines, not directly to passengers. To purchase a Hahn Air ticket, please contact an IATA travel agency or online booking portal of your choice. In the same year, the first contracts were signed with Latin American airlines, namely Aerolíneas Argentinas, Avianca, LAN Airlines and Varig, which served as the basis for the ticketing platform. In 2001, Hahn became a member of Air IATA and joined BSPS such as France, the United Kingdom and Spain. Hahn Air has also joined the IT reservation systems Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan.

Further GNP memberships were completed, and in 2003 Hahn`s headquarters were moved from Hahn to Dreieich, near Frankfurt am Main. A year later, Hahn Air became a member of Airlines Reporting Corporation in the United States and is represented with its partners in the Abacus computer reservation system. This year, the company`s 100th interline contract was also signed. In 2006, Hahn Air issued its first E-Ticket and its first interline e ticket on its computer reservation system. In the same year, Hahn Air Systems was established and offers computer reservation services (CRS). Hahn Air`s operations were first certified by IOSA in 2007. In the same year, Hahn Air entered the Japanese and Korean markets by connecting to the axess, Infini and Topas reservation systems. [5] With regard to IATA Resolution 824, §3.1, the agent is authorized to sell passenger transport services on the services of the ticketing airline and on the services of other airlines authorized by the ticketed airline.

IATA Resolution 824, § 3.2 obliges the agent to sell all services on behalf of the airline, in accordance with the tariffs, conditions of carriage and written instructions of the company as they are made available to the agent. However, the company`s core business is a ticketing solution that allows travel agencies to access airlines through computerized reservation systems and allows them to issue tickets on the Hahn Air HR-169 document. The company also offers distribution services to other airlines, such as for example. Hahn Air has signed contracts with more than 350 air, rail and shuttle partners. Internationally, more than 100,000 travel agencies use Hahn Air`s services. Regarding the availability of tickets on HR 169 documents in your market, please check Hahn Air`s quick check tool on www.hahnair.com. . . .