Pnb Lease Agreement

For more information, please contact the GNP branch near you. Maximum loan amount based on net net net rental receivables within the lease or loan period that has not expired, depending on the deadline. Property owners with their properties in metro, urban, semi-urban and rural areas who have leased such real estate to: (i) Public sector enterprises/Government/Semi/State Govt. Prestigious companies, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and multinationals. (ii) Prestigious private schools/colleges (approved/affiliated with the State Board/University/AICTE/ any other government authority). iii) Reputable private care hospitals/houses. (iv) franchisees/traders/traders of prestigious companies not exceeding 144 months or the total duration of the lease upon arrival of the loan, if the amount is earlier. The amount of leases must be considered net of TDS, GST or other tax, as long as it is applicable to reach the eligible amount. The GNP has a scheme in place for landowners whose properties are located in Metro/Urban/Semi Urban/Rural Centres and have leased such properties.