Merseta Apprenticeship Agreement

Learnerships online application processes are made available as these apprenticeships become available. Applicants can download the apprenticeship agreement form from Merseta`s website. The learning time can last from 12 to 24 months. Applicants must register for the ESSA via this link. Please note that there are appropriate application processes for teaching and learning occupations. The seaSETA wishes to stress that a learner who wishes to take sea-funded training does not have to pay for his training or apprenticeship. The admission requirements are specific to the room, while the duration of the apprenticeship is determined by the different professions and levels. For room-specific admission requirements and the duration of the program, visit the merSETA website or call your nearest merSETA regional office. The employer and the apprentice (guardian under the age of 18) sign an agreement. The sectoral education and training authorities (SETA), in this case the seaSETA, can finance the training and, in return, the employer pays salaries or remuneration to the learner in training. MerSETA member companies or seaSETA accredited training providers offer learning/learning. Please note that merSETA only pays for apprenticeship and apprenticeship places registered with the organisation and NOT for internships outside the seaSETA. The learner is chosen; A tripartite apprenticeship contract between the employer and the learner is signed when the learner is unemployed; The seTA Factory, Engineering and Related Services (merSETA) have learned that a scam is currently underway, asking ignorant learners looking for an apprenticeship or learning opportunities to deposit funds in a Shoprite or Sparrite supermarket, as well as a bank, in order to access the training.

The case had been reported to the South African police. The apprentice is registered in a publicly traded industry with respect to mandatory training rules; A percentage of the minimum rate of craftsmen is set by the industry tariff board by level (4 levels). The learner receives a list of results for unit standards if the learning has not been completed; and a quadruple N2 certificate with the corresponding commercial theory must be completed in a TVET college. Employers pay tuition and tax fees at TVET University; A commercial/assessment test is carried out at a merSETA-accredited audit centre; and the learning program and learning process are discussed and agreed with the training provider; Fraud continues to plague the education sector and students have been warned that they are keeping away from false opportunities. The unemployed/pre-active benefit from an allowance. Minimum allowances for learners are regulated. A national qualification is given to the learner after successful learning; MerSETA warns all learners that any other enforcement process that deviates from them, as mentioned above, could potentially be a falsified fraud and should be examined before it participates in the process. Training providers are accredited to provide the learning capacity chosen by merSETA ETQA; Applicants are invited to register with the Ministry of Labour as unemployed to seek learning ability. Applicants can do so through the link provided as part of the application process. Applicants must ensure that their contact information is kept up to date and that they are accessible at all times through these contact methods.

Applicants who have registered can be contacted if an appropriate learner is available if the candidates meet all the requirements. Most of these apprenticeships will last between 12 and 24 months. Students also receive a monthly bursary, but these generally do not include transportation, meals and accommodation. Apprenticeship is not a guarantee for a permanent position once it is completed, it will be the employer`s choice.