Designated Area Migration Agreement South Australia

Goldfield`s DAMA comprises 72 trades and includes the Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Coolgardie (Kambalda), Leonora and Menzies regions of Western Australia. As part of the immigration policy, the following factors would give additional weight to the assessment that the employer made actual efforts to recruit Australian workers: if a recent or previous undertaking has been reviewed or reviewed in the past five years, it must provide Immigration SA with details of why this occurred and the outcome. The agreement focuses on Adelaide`s high-tech industries, including defence, space, technology and advanced manufacturing. The Adele City Technology and Innovation Advancement Agreement is the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) for the metropolis of Adelaide. Skilled – Business Migration, Department for Innovation and Skills, is the representative of the designated region (DAR) and co-signer of the agreement and is responsible for overseeing and supporting sponsors under the agreements. These include a DAMA employment agreement between the Australian government and an employer under the terms set by DAMA. Under a DAMA employment agreement, an employer may sponsor an agreed number of foreign workers for the temporary skills shortage visa (subclass 482) and, if applicable, the employer-designated visa system (sub-category 186). With these extra trades and generous concessions, South Australia is increasingly a very attractive place for skilled migrants. For more information and professional advice, please contact This is Australia`s migration experts.

You may also want to consider hiring a registered migration manager if you need professional services. The next step is to apply to the department for a work agreement (LA). An LA under a DAMA is considered an “industrial model” as an employment contract. The LAs, which are conducted with employers in these areas, have the same conditions that have been agreed between the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth and State or Territory governments, in consultation with key industry stakeholders, to formulate the DAMA “Head” agreement. The next step will be to outline the types of visas (i.e. TSS, ENS and/or VISA SESR) that can be issued under the agreement. While there are limited circumstances in which self-sponsorship can be considered under the standard TSS program, self-sponsorship is not supported under employment contracts, including DAMAs. Employers seeking approval from south Australia DAMA should review the terms and conditions before applying to Immigration SA. Migration regulations, as well as all additional requirements in a DAMA employment contract, define the requirements to be met during the appointment and visa phase. The LA will contain an appointment cap representing the maximum number of TSS, ENS and/or SESR appointments that can be approved each year of the agreement. The designated area has requirements for the approval of an employment contract that must be respected. Indeed, the DAMA criteria are based on the reduction of the requirements for visa 482 and visa 186.

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