Agreement And Disagreement Exercises

Disagreements with negative statements are used with yes pronoun – auxiliary verb Dear Students of Class XI: Here is the summary of opinions and disagreements in the previous discussion. To express your consent or disagreement, you can use the following phrases: Notes are great, but the exercises have some grammatical errors. Perhaps we must express our consent or opposition to a person`s action or attitude. So it`s much better to do it right! Expressing disagreements is always considered honest and sometimes courageous. 1. You don`t like it. Yes, that`s what I do. 2. “She doesn`t have a job.” “No, that`s not the case.” 3. “It`s a great movie.” No, that`s not it. 4. Rocky can`t swim. Me neither.

5. She wasn`t late, but it was you. 6. He`s drunk. “No, it`s not him.” 7. He speaks German very well. That`s how I can. 8. `He`s not coming back.` “Yes, he will.” 9.

`I didn`t break it. Yes, that`s what you did. 10. Tom was not there. It was not his brother either. 11. I loved the movie, but not my brother. 12. You don`t know him.

Yes, that`s what I do. I don`t think there are many other constructs where learners often make mistakes… or the same kind of errors as that of this verb! The affirmative supplements to the positive remarks are made with this help – pronoun. – It`s partly true that… – It`s true, but… I cannot agree with reservations. – It`s obvious, but… – It`s not as simple as it sounds. – I agree with you, in principle, but… It sounds obvious, but…

under certain circumstances… Finish the next dialog box with your own opinion using the above expressions. . 9. We go to the local auto show. Would you like to come to our house? – . (Refusal.) (Exact) (False) – I`m totally/absolutely/complete/total/with you agree. . The appropriate expression for the sentence above is …

Dea: Mm… I don`t think so. We just need more practice. 7. Do you want another piece of chocolate cake? – . (Accept) (Exact) (False) 2. Chen: I`m thinking about going camping in the next vacation. How do you feel about that? I) Like you, YOUR ACCORD TO EXPRESS: I agree with you! . . 4. You`re not going to work tomorrow, are you? – .

(Disagreement) (Exact) (False) At every moment of our daily lives, perhaps we must express our opinion and we should not abstain from it! 8. Leah: I think the music `dangdut` is just suitable for the villagers. Keiko:… Because his experience and education are great and fantastic. . 2) Ali: Everyone has the right to express their opinion. . It`s the worst movie we`ve ever seen. – I wouldn`t say that. (Disagreement) (Exact) 3) No, his father should allow smoking in public places: that`s exactly what I think. We should limit their time for television. Jill: It`s a nice jacket.

I`m happy with the model. Yes I know. Here`s a whole series of phrases to “remember.”