Emerald City Gymnasts

Working in a Gymnastics Gym (with a Rock Climbing Wall on the back wall), it never occurred to me (until recently) that I should take photos of these amazing young athletes. I often get distracted while at work just witnessing them doing phenomenal physically-demanding movements on rings, bars, poles, and floors.

Wanting to expand my portfolio and try something new, I decided to organize a couple hours one morning where a few of the upper level guys could show me their best moves, and in return I can give them some cool photos. Parts of this shoot were a bit more difficult than I had anticipated, mainly because they’re flipping on poles and bars that are 10-15 feet off of the ground, so trying to get my lights (and myself) on the same level proved to be challenging on certain events. I feel like I got some great ones though, and my favorites are as follows –

-Rob Rice

5 thoughts on “Emerald City Gymnasts

    1. Thanks so much, Barb!! I’m working on editing some more of these and getting them to the boys, these are just a few of my favorites, but there are a lot of great ones!!

  1. These pictures are amazing dude! You really know your stuff I’m extremely impressed haha You made the guys look so good haha

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